Our new updated Plant Rental Price List has been changed from the listing below. Feel free to Click Here and see our updated list.

3’-4’ $15.00 5’ $25.00 6’-7’ $30.00 8’-9’ $50.00 10’-12’ $80.00 & up 12’-15’ Quote

Palms & Tropical
Tropical plants 2’ $15.00 Arborcola 2’-3’ $15.00 Roebeienii Palm 3’ $15.00 Roebeienii Palm 4’-5’ $30.00 Spathiphyllum 2’-3’ $15.00 Spathiphyllum 4’ + $35.00 Red-Green Flax 3’ $15.00 Red-Green Flax 4’-5’ $30.00 Kentia Palm 5’-7’ $45.00 Kentia Palm 8’-9’ $75.00 Rhapis Palm 4’-5’ $30.00 Rhapis Palm 7’-8’ $80.00 Queen Palm 7’-9’ $40.00 Queen Palm 10’-14’ $85.00 & up Giant Bird of Paradise 6’-7’ $40.00 Giant Bird of Paradise 8’-10’ $85.00 Giant Bird of Paradise 10’+ $125.00 & up Bush Bird of Paradise 3’-4’ $25.00 Golden Bamboo 6’-8’ $40.00

Plant Rental Price List

Plant Groupings – Vignettes
Small to large sizes $120.00 & up
Eugenia Topiary 3 ball $45.00 Eugenia Topiary single ball $45.00 Ficus Nitida Topiary 8’ $50.00 Cypress Spiral 6’-7’ $50.00 Cypress Spiral 8’-9’ $65.00 Italian Cypress – 6’-8’ $40.00 Italian Cypress – 9’-10’ $65.00 Italian Cypress – 10’ + $85.00 Junipers 6’-8’ $40.00 Pine trees 6’-7’ $45.00 Pine trees 8’’+ $65.00 & up Hedge Boxes 3’ long $20.00
Ferns- small 6” $6.00 Ferns – large 8” $12.50 Underplantings – ivy, ferns,etc $10.00 & up Flowering plants – Azalea’s Quote Mums Quote Kalanchoe Quote

$300.00 Minimum Plant Rental Order.
Delivery fee is extra and determined by rental destination and time of delivery and pick up. The above list contains plants that are most commonly requested: however, we carry varieties and sizes not listed on the list above. Items such as Orchids, Bromeliads, seasonal blooming plants, and many other specialty items that is available on a quotation basis. CPR prices include your choice of containers: White, Black, Red Terra Cotta, Baskets or Cement Stone. Special containers available on request. All plants and containers are on a rental basis and are the responsibility of the customer and will be recovered by our firm at the close of the event.
Additional charges applied:
A) Delivery
B) Delivery prices are based on ground floor deliveries. An extra charge will be added on for stairs or other unusual circumstances.
C) If any plants are missing or destroyed it will be considered a purchase and will be invoiced at wholesale prices.
D) Payment policy: All orders are to be paid in full prior to the opening of the event. All questions regarding billing must be settled prior to delivery.

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